BONNIE SQUIRES is a communications and fundraising consultant who has had experience with universities, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit businesses.  She was inducted into the Philadelphia Public Relations Hall of Fame in 2006, and her friend and classmate from Penn, Maury Povich, was the keynote speaker.

Squires writes a weekly opinion column in the MAIN LINE TIMES, the oldest and largest suburban weekly newspaper.  She is a photojournalist as well for publications like the Philadelphia PUBLIC RECORD, the on-line JEWISH VOICE and LOS ANGELES JEWISH OBSERVER.  Her op-eds also appear in THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS, and other newspapers in other cities and states.

She is a long-time advocate for social causes like early childhood education, erasing the stigma of mental retardation and mental health, breast cancer research, and other worthwhile causes.

Politics has been a life-long passion of hers, and she has served for decades as a committee person, as well as having run for office.

For several years she hosted a live call-in talk show on radio station WHAT-AM, dedicated to building bridges between African Americans and Caucasians in order to find solutions to society's pressing problems.

She loves both her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, and her adopted school, Temple University, where she worked as a top administrator for many years.

Squires and her husband live in an historically certified English Village home in Lower Merion Township.

She was recently inducted into Governor Ed Rendell’s BEST 50 WOMEN IN BUSINESS IN PENNSYLVANIA.

Bonnie Squires hosts the weekly WWDB-AM talk show, "The Marketing of Business."

Squires was named to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Council by Governor Rendell.  She hosts the weekly local television show, "Bonnie's Beat."

Bonnie Squires

Squires Consulting

11 Arthur’s Round Table

Wynnewoood, PA 19096

Tel (610) 649 0998

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E-mail: bonnie.squires@verizon.net

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